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Village Houses for sale in Cyprus

TCH Ltd specialise in finding old village houses in Cyprus and converting,restoring and renovating them to a modern standard of living but keeping the character and adding more.

Each Cyprus traditional village house and location we promote is very special;

Just like our very highly regarded team from the office staff, the architects, the engineers to the skilled builders and labourers in Cyprus.

We also offer our team to renovate, improve existing Cyprus houses, including extensions, new bathrooms, kitchens, swimming pools and garden landscaping.

We at TCH Ltd offer you two companies in one, British owned and British run and Cyprus owned and Cyprus run. Both companies now joined to form this highly professional and dedicated team realising that quality, commitment, and to be honest the price is paramount.

Tired of looking at square boxes called houses for sale in Cyprus with no character or setting and slightly over your budget? When you are looking for a dream, to establish a new or better quality of life, finding that idealistic property in Cyprus,that is not over priced, or lacking character is becoming more difficult day by day.

We all come to Cyprus to become a part of their culture and to enjoy the slower pace of life, but not to over stretch our budget. We know that not everybody who is looking for that dream can afford the rising prices in Cyprus since joining the E.U. So that is why with our company, we can still offer village houses in Cyprus or part of that dream at an affordable price.

Trying to find old houses for sale in Cyprus to renovate again is difficult as there are no FOR SALE signs.

We at TCH Ltd have properties to suit all types of budgets, we fully renovate or stage renovate to suit the individual. We understand that many people wish to work on their own properties to help their budget, we can tailor our work around you.

Whether they are old properties to renovate, traditional stone built houses, Cyprus village houses, Cyprus stone built houses or a mixture of old and new we can renovate /convert them.

What are the benefits of buying a village or traditional stone house in Cyprus?
The older Cyprus properties when restored generally ooze with character and setting.

You live within the Cyprus villages and not impersonal developments.

The older Cyprus village stone-built houses, mixed with stone walled streets and squares with their coffee-shops represent the easy-going Mediterranean life style.

You are given the chance to become part of a rural community by living with the friendly Cypriot people and having the time to enjoy the beauty and serenity the region offers.

Local Cyprus traditions are still very much alive in the villages and the hospitality of the villagers is second to none.

At present they are still affordable with the added incentive that you do not have to add 15% VAT onto the price, so what you see is what you get, with that old saying of "No hidden extras".

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